If you know where to look, you can find Wordle’s solutions. Furthermore, even for upcoming Wordle answers. But this is the first time that the New York Times has altered a response.

Wordle has become a trend on social media. It’s a simple word game where you have six guesses to match the five-letter solution. If you get five green squares, you’ve succeeded and can gain Twitter and Facebook likes. But unless the new owner of Wordle, The New York Times, changes the Wordle answers, there are at least three straightforward ways to cheat at Wordle, including a method to find Wordle’s word in advance for the coming days or weeks. Wordle spoilers are here! Access the Wordle solutions for the current and upcoming puzzles by using our Table of Contents.

On May 9, the New York Times updated a pre-programmed response from Game 324, “FETUS.” A leak of the proposed overturning of Roe v. Wade, the initial court decision that upheld abortion rights, unintentionally occurred at the same time as this. The Times stated, “This is completely coincidental and unintentional — today’s original answer was loaded into Wordle last year.

This story demonstrates how you can look at the website’s code to predict future Wordle answers. The Times, however, made a suggestion that it might begin providing players with answers drawn from a different source, eliminating the main way to cheat at Wordle. We would like to emphasize how unusual this situation is, the paper said. “When we purchased Wordle in January, it had been created for a comparatively small user base. We are currently working to update Wordle’s technology so that each user always sees the same word. We are devoted to delivering a daily satisfying and consistent experience to tens of millions of people.

BoingBoing has also observed that some of the “ruder” answers have been eliminated from the future Wordle solutions, which have now diverged from the original Wordle site code. However, the site’s source code still contains the answers.

Below are some fresh Wordle spoilers that were updated on June 14 along with a few Wordle substitutes. There are a few more instances of repeated letters in the Wordle solutions, so you could argue that they’re getting harder. Some upcoming Wordle puzzles appear to be particularly evil!

Looking for some Wordle substitutes? You could always try Octordle, a devilishly challenging twist in which four words are played simultaneously and with very few guesses. Lewdle, which employs some, um, alternative words, is another option if you’re feeling a little NSFW.

We’re not attempting to ruin Wordle, a popular pastime for millions of people. However, we couldn’t really ignore a Wordle bug that is practically in plain sight. And if a friend is always boasting about how good they are at Wordle, you might want to one-up them. Really, it doesn’t differ much from the Pokemon Go maps from a few years ago, does it?

How to use WordHippo to defeat Wordle?

Let’s continue, starting with Wordle 213 and its perplexing solution. It was well known that the first three letters are P. R. O. completely failed to predict the letters X and Y, the final two. Naturally, Wordlers probably first considered more commonly used words like “proud” and “prowl.” But what vocabulary would be suitable?

Playing Wordle games can benefit greatly from the use of WordHippo and comparable websites.

Here comes WordHippo, a handy little tool that enables you to choose words with various properties. The page includes an advanced word search of varying length, with a selection of letters that you decide, and in varying configurations, but the link leads to “five-letter words beginning with PRO.” The website can provide you with a decreasing number of possible words to guess from as you start eliminating letters. It’s not quite a Wordle “cheat” to use WordHippo, but it’s close.

How to pretend to win a Wordle

Your day has not gone well. You only need a quick Wordle victory to boost your confidence and get some virtual congrats.

It doesn’t matter how bad you are when playing Wordle when no one can see you.

That’s great if you happen to win Wordle. Wordle will print the answer at the top of your screen, though, if you fail. Simply open Wordle in Incognito mode on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, complete the puzzle (or not), and record the winning word. After that, turn off Incognito/InPrivate mode and open Wordle in your browser with all of your cookies enabled. Wordle, your winning streak, and your friends’ approval are all things you’ll achieve.

Discover tomorrow’s Wordle word to learn how to hack Wordle.

The last and most sneaky method of Wordle cheating. For the twist, are you prepared? Wordle already includes each and every response.

Wordle’s creator, Josh Wardle, evidently didn’t want to spend every day uploading a fresh puzzle, so he simply included all of the solutions in the puzzle’s source code. Since the Wordle puzzles are refreshed once daily, there are likely to be solutions for a very, very long time.

Particularly, the Javascript that comes with the Wordle website contains the Wordle answers. (This trick wasn’t discovered by us; it was revealed to us by a source who prefers to remain unnamed.) Do you want to know the Wordle solutions for today, tomorrow, next week, or in a few months or years? This is the procedure.

Open the Wordle website first using Google Chrome. Using Chrome’s “ellipsis menu” in the top right corner, navigate to More tools > Developer tools by scrolling down. Despite the fact that you can remove the Google tag manager and the index, the website contains a few Javascript files.

Open the main.bd4cb59c.js file, which was present on the page I loaded, instead of the index. Yes, you will encounter a large amount of code, most of which is not worth examining. However, the answers are stored in plaintext in an array file. Use the “pretty print” function of Chrome, which ought to be accessible via a button at the top of the page. The entire text block can also be copied and pasted into Word or a text editor alternatively.

Many GitHub pages, including this one, have attempted to calculate the formulas for figuring out how to find the following word in the Wordle word list. However, it appears that the list of Wordle solutions for the upcoming few months has already been determined by the Wordle website because they are present in the source code. Simply looking for the words that were the most recent solution will yield that list. (Before publishing, we monitored this for a day or two, and it appears that a consistent pattern has emerged.) Simply use Ctrl+F to find the most recent answer, then move on to the following word in the list. There you go!